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Friday, February 11, 2011

Do you want to miss a thing ???

After u have gone for so many years...

Do your childhood house still give u the same feeling when u step into the house
Do you still wearing the same old clothes entering the same old house
Do all the cartoon stickers that u stick still remain the same contrast color
Do all the built in cabinet is being demolish or still maintain
Do you still hear the same childhood noise in your house
Do your dogs miss you until they cant remember u
Do you afraid of your dogs are gonna leave u without giving any notice
Do your toys miss u because they had been closed too many years in the dark cabinet
Do your old T-shirt miss u because they are used to no distance between u
Do your teenage clothes feel lonely because u will not take a glance on them anymore
Do your teenage shirt remind u of any adventure when u're wearing it
Do you still see the "teenage you" walking on this old street when u flashback
Do you realised you're grown after seeing all your beloved is getting older
Do your piano wait for your touch until they cant sing properly
Do your Christmas tree or Chinese new year tree havent perform for too many years
Do your best friends changed or u are the 1 who changed

Sometimes we have been neglected so many things, is kinda sad, but i hope i dint neglect my beloved one & friends, no matter how the time secretly drifted away.

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