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Friday, September 20, 2013

They Call Him Roy

Sometimes I wish to sit down with some friends who can bring me some laughter. Sometimes really wish to sit down with someone who doesn't curious about your past. Sometimes really wish to sit down with the 1 who can give you some opinions on your questions. Some peoples really make u appreciate because they keep asking when are you coming back even though they know u are not going back.

The world is really funny, it always spent is faster than what we earned. Things will frequently increase price but salary will remain the same. Monthly expenses got no idea to settle, everyday just hope Jesus will give a hand. Its very hard to stay tough when u are weak because even an ant can hurt u.

Lately i have lost my interest in listening music because non of the song can get into my heart due to im not feeling well. Whats going on?? Or maybe listening music had become my job so i sick of it. Maybe at this moment singing is more suitable to express out the feelings.

A Friday evening. I met a man who was introducing about music education. The man was Roy. He asked the lady what music u like to listen, a romantic one? without hesitated he plays "yesterday once more", it makes me turn back to check out who is playing the piano. Roy asked again: what about another song which i proposed to my wife? & he played it gracefully. I was like Wow. This man really delivers a very romantic feeling & warm up the atmosphere. He said last time he earned his own money to pay the piano lesson's fee. It makes people salutes for the passion he has. He knows the art of talking by with praising me: Yesterday you looked so cool but today u are totally different because u look hot today. Keep saying i look like James Bond or Tom Cruise, suddenly i was like entered the illusion world by his fantasy words, luckily i manage to slap myself hard to make a come back to the real world.

Last week there's another guy named Roy as well. His talking skill was so impressive & pleasing. The words he said can really reach your heart, surprisingly not everyone got the power to do this. He said everyone is a very precious gift from god. it makes u feel that "am i really so important"?? hahaha. Yes, He is a father. A special guest from Perth who is a Malaysian. He gave a lot of wisdom sharing that day. What a good fascinating speaker he is. Many of us pray, but we are not patient enough to wait for god's feedback because god got too many invisible mails to reply or heaven is doing some renovations to serve u better. Many of us will tell god either u reply or i will leave you. So many times we dont know what is the best for us, the more we wait the more we feel insecure, all we need is faint & actions, because god will not give us just i phone or rolex but he will give u the biggest production ever. Even Jesus fell 3 times for carrying the cross, at last his reward was resurrection. Sometime i wonder if we sinned too much will the god takes away our handsome look & talent? So far it never happens because god is very kind, this i can guarantee.

The father said the sin in our heart just like a spider is building his web, the web will build bigger n bigger if we doesn't change. We not just need to pray & confession. Eventually we need to kill the spider so that it wont be any spider web anymore. By clearing the spider web is not enough because the spider will rebuild his web again. What he wants to tell was after confession we are still repeating doing the same mistake so basically it makes no difference like before. The father keep encouraging the youth to become a priest in the future due to short of priest nowadays. He tells the parents don't say no to Jesus for the son to become a priest, if u say no Jesus will say yes, if u say yes Jesus will say thank you. The father said sometime is not easy, Priests do received a lot of complaints or negative feed back from the peoples, he said we are also a human, we will feel hurt as well. Maybe many of them think father is invincible because got Jesus at the back.

If u ask me who is the most impressive man, I will say the priest from my church, because many of them are filled with wisdom, their word can reach your heart & make u feel please. I appreciate their sacrifices to the society. Many peoples will find opportunity to accuse them that hows the evil spirit works. Although they are just an ordinary man but i think they deserve the respect. Their contributions are kind.

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