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Monday, September 30, 2013


That day I was driving in my car, sending my uncle to terminal. He was sitting next to me, in a close distance. We chit chat along the way. As everyone knows when we talk we have to have the eye contact, to show good manners. Got a part I turn my head to look at my uncle while driving. I want to look into his eye with detail. Suddenly the fear comes to strike me. I very scared to find out that my uncle is older than before. The truth suddenly knock me down. I was like no room to hide anymore, the truth is in my face. I was feeling so sorry which i dare not find out how old is my close relative looks like now. Time is so cruel. Time also a reality. Market always selling things which are not realistic, it will make u get away from your problem but is not solving your problem. Time makes my beloved ones old & thats mean i am not young anymore. I think i have to be honest to myself.

Few months ago my uncle asked why the men dint come back for the chinese Qing Ming, he said we are old nowadays. In my heart i was wondering how old it is, i cant imagine. I got your pic but it dont deliver the feelings to me. But after that day i finally know how it feels & looks like. I've promised myself i will go back next year. I will go back no matter how hard is the situation. The world has set by the rich men everything has to do with the money, we earn money for our living & future. Sometime what you want is not what u need, thats y we will feel a bit lost. But no matter what I do i dont want to harm or make my family worry. I cant earn a lot of money like others but something more important is i must spend the time with them before its too late. I dont want to miss a thing. Don't wanna neglect & regret.

They said for the spiritual Journey you must: see, judge & action. Some peoples may say: "dont judge me". By saying like that sounds like u dare not listen the truth or comments. Just like i dare not want to know how old is my parents & relatives or even myself. How good to stay in the illusion world. All the while i never judge book with their cover. For me before u judge u really need times to look into it, listen to it, talk to him/her observe & feel it. I even judge myself, if u dont even dare to judge yourself u must be running away from yourself. Sometime we need some panic happens to us then we will find solution or action on it. We need some panics happen to find out how strong we are. I dont really know how much i can contribute but whatever comes i just say yes, i wanna find out how am i going to die, I want to find out about myself. So far i still very lay back HAHAHA thats me. Eventually Got to honest to yourself then u can find out where u are standing now, when u know where u stand then u can grow from there.

Sometime i dont understand why the peoples like to go for fortune teller. We are living in the present, we are not living in the future. Find out your past to create your future. Its not find out your future to create your present. You know who u are better than the others.

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