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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Sibu Diary//Oct 2013

James Bond 007//Ian Fleming

Same as my old house switch gear

Sarawak Laksa Mee Hoon

No matter how drunk last night, Sunday still a good man

Prawn with egg


Duck x Mango

Twins Boy JD big

Twins Boy JR small

Build your home with love

New Church for the 1st day

My Precious

Toms Too Cafe mini deco

Toms Too Cafe Mini deco

The 1st home dinner

My head keep repeating Jada Jada & Jorah Jorah because the babies are the main attraction of the days. Now i have left that environment feeling was a bit too quiet & that sound is what i miss the most. Nothing can beat a new live like the babies because babies are invincible. I was so hungry when I was uploading all these pictures. 1st time I post about food images. Basically this trip to Sibu was: eat like a king, drink like a fish. I have forgot what is hungry for these 3 days. Actually the purpose go over there is to visit the new born twins. Aw man, what a lovely babies. My uncle & auntie always give us the king hospitality whenever we visit them. I was so blessed to be loved because they gave me a close & warm feeling. The world is too big to keep us together. I felt so glad that they are so committed & dedicated to the family. Especially the new babies make them so busy & it is so dilemma because u only got 1 pair of arms but got 2 babies to choose. Its funny that their whole family members know how to cook, so everytime they will upload food images to their family group chart. Never knows a good dish image can keep everyone close. So dont dis people if u see people post food images because you may not know deep down was a dish of love. fin.

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  1. Home always is the place fulfill with love , warm , caring..precious every moment with them , great and warm trip ;)