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Sunday, October 27, 2013

3 question marks situation

Sometime friends are really unpredictable, if u too long dint look for them he will ask u isnt want to unfriend him. When u look for him he will ask why dont u go out with other friends. Why dont u check with your friend before u come to me? By the way if u no mood or not interested to go out u can let me know, i ok with it. U dont feel like meeting other friends i have did it accordingly. I dont immediately cancel the appointment i made due to an another friend called in after 5 minutes. If my friend allow peoples to cut in the appointment that i made or they made i can also do it accordingly as they allowed. But make sure u dont feel any disrespect if people skipped your appointment because I just have to do it accordingly as u wished. Eventually what people think of us we really can't control, but if u think it's not allowed to think of u that way, u have to obviously let them know this is not allowed. This is where the dignity begins.

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