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Monday, October 21, 2013


This is a must watch movie. U won't see any commercial kind of explosion or sex scene in this movie but the acting skill was really triple YES!!! My favourite movie of the year. A very brilliant & positive movie. Really cant stop shedding tears at the end not because the story was sad, is because i was deeply impressed by the fight back Spirit. This movie content a very good moral value. Its simple clear & basic. Its like u watch back some rewind movies which they used their basic elements & the acting skill to bring out the movie, i think they bring out the simplicity of a movie culture, u will not see any animations at all. Nowadays the movie we preferred would be robots & super hero especially big production 1. What i want to tell is this movie is much more better than those big production movie, so u can imagine how strong is the movie script. Just like u want to chase a girl who boyfriend drove a Mercedes Benz, but u just driving a normal Toyota, you have to crack your brain, burst your head, risk your life, brave your heart & dedicate your love to win the girl's heart. If i were a writer, i hope i can write a script like this rather than those very new idea. Chinese saying: not scared to use an old idea as long as is acceptable.

This movie was shot in Macau, basically its all about betting because Macau is a casino hub. The main character used to be a prisoner. He betrayed himself because of money. We created a false fight in a match. He addicted to gamble & leave him no way. That was just the starting. When he came out from prison he is an aerobic dance trainer, its ridiculous to ask a fighting champion to teach aerobic dancing class. But i like the way he slowly adapt to his life & start smiling when he is teaching aerobic. I like his student who believe in him without any black & white evidence just because he wants to learn how to fight. That kind of faith really touch people's heart. Its very sad to see his student's father lost his own direction in life because career failures. It was so touch the student said on the stage: i want to show a person i got a never die spirit, If i can do it, so do u. Unfortunately he lost that match & sent to hospital due to opponent was to strong. I like the main actor dedicates his heart to the house mates who lives with him due to they have a very sad background, He started to realise his own life wasnt that bad. I remembered the very simple message, when u are on the stage u have tell yourself: Yes, I can do it. There was a part the small little girl refused to follow his divorced dad the reason she said was: he's the one to tell me yes i can, but now without him i cant. Really never know an encourage works so deep.

Ending was the most climax. When his student was sent to hospital everyone was live with fear & disappointed included the teacher. But the student never die spirit has waken up his dad & his teacher. At last the teacher decided to fight the match not because he wants to revenge for his student. After he think quietly he said: I came from nothing just like this young man, but the spirit he had really something to learn. For my point of view the reason he decided to fight is because he do not want to come from nothing & gone with nothing. At least give himself a chance try rather than just observe.

For the last message he wants to deliver was quite personal, for me i would think that in our life we really need to bet. Not use the money to bet, but use your life to bet even though its very high percentage to lose from what u can see. The truth is everyone come from nothing & we cant bring the money away in the end of time. Born with silver spoon in mouth is just a saying from the world. In this mean time just try the best to do something meaningful. Sometime doing thing which got no confident will create a lot of fears & insecure in our heart, what i got to say is "live with it". The truth is there's no turning back in our real life.

Actually i have forgotten some of the details... HAHAHA so let just create my own way.

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