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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Favorite Movie

Just watched this movie few days ago, actually this was a Dec 2009 movie, I was so freaking outdated because i've been so many years without watching any movies. This is a story about a family that full of lies, & Robert De Niro is the father who make them comeback together on the Christmas day, the way Robert De Niro pretend that he do not know the truth is really sad, the way he sacrifice by eating the medicine which already being stepped into pieces on the floor is very touching. I like he passed the letter to different children, that make me think he really put afford & hope on everyone. I like the way they left the only luggage rolling in the terminal, it shown loneliness. The most impact part is: Her daughter asked him, why u always ask me what is my ambition but u never tell me yours, Robert De Niro stumble for a while & answered: Er... i dont have any ambition when i was young, my ambition is just to become a good father. His answer was so solid & complete, it really makes the tear wanna drop.

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