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Thursday, March 31, 2011

what I've written in June 2009

Date: Mon, 8 Jun 2009 16:01:44 +0800

Thank you Ivan.
I just back to office today and fell very touching by your message to all colleagues, especially your appreciation. I am very happy with your manner.
Please take good care and keep in touch.
Warmest Regards
Tan Kam Foo
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From: Ivan ho [mailto:ivan_ho5@hotmail.com]
Sent: Thursday, June 04, 2009 11:37 PM

Subject: thanks all the colleagues

1st of all i want to thanks to all of u, thanks for the joy in the working days, i felt very proud to work with u all, thanks for the nice atmosphere, thanks for the joy, thanks for the humour, thanks for the coustest, thanks the colleagues who treat me lunch n buy me present. i feel very uncomfortable to live without u all, i felt very touch for my last day until my tears almost drop. u all are so awesome...i love u all..

工作经历,我的 last day 我真的被你们感动的泪水都要流,真的不舍得,很不舒服,不习惯将要离开的感觉,因为几年每天一起工作的感情是很不简单。

people i want to thank

Mr Tan. Director
i will always remember what u taught me n your advices to my daily life. U like to call me Young man, and u guard me how to be a proper young man.
thank you for sending me home when i got no transport in the past, u really a helpful man. U always like to help but never make a complain, which i really very appreciate.

Miss Tan.
The Betrayer GM
You always remind me the disciplines that we should have in our work, this is a very important thing which i can apply in my future.. thank u...

.Senior manager
1 word.. A-very good man... always bring me to lunch...

CM Wong Senior manager
working with u make me improve a lot, like how to meet the time line n how to be more extra careful to our mistake. I very grateful for all your effort, thanks for your lunch, thanks anyway.

Yelim manager
你很幽默,很明白人,让人感到开心。thanks for your breakfast anyway.... hahahha

my superior
thanks for your kindness, thanks for your patient, thanks for your generosity, thanks for your help,thanks for your breakfast, is really wonderful to work with u which i cannot deny.

Wendy my colleague
working with u is fun, u very willing to help, very initiative. thanks for your help in office, and thanks for your dumpling, thanks for all your joy n all the food n junk food.

Kelly Account
1个字 - 烦。 哈哈哈哈

Ann Account
你是非常幽默,带来很多欢笑, 谢谢你常常3点给我的面包,救了我的命。谢谢您的好

Thanks for the VCD that u gave me last time... thanks for your bread in 3 pm... it's interesting while talking to u... thanks for u gift from bangkok.... u really have my heart.

Polly tan
和你做同事不是很久,可是工作你也帮我很多,也常常请我吃糖果。 谢谢

Chee Seong colleague
Thanks for your blessing

Gny colleague
和你做同事是很爽快,可能你很 3 8, 而且我们兴趣一样。哈哈哈哈

Angel customer service
谢谢你借我十块。救了我的命.。 你们是最好的。

Mee customer service
谢谢你帮我开单,让我没给distributor complain...

Yuki customer service
谢谢你教我做 membership form.. 生命中又会多一样同西。。

Nicole customer service
帮我守我的车 for double park. 让交通顺畅。 你们是最好的。


if i miss out any email... please help me forward to them THANKS..


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