Poland Krakow

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sunday's News.

"How drunk were u last night"? this is a frequent question that i need to ask every Sunday. So my Sunday's NEWS is always about how drunk is my friends last night, i got some Regular drinkers but they may not drinking with me every time, but i know they do drink every Saturday. normally their reply was, drink until puke, drink until data lost, drink until headache. I know the answer is under estimated but i still feel fun of it, i also donno why. Sometimes i will ask drink how many bottles, drink whisky, cognac, brandy or beers? Wheres the venue & from what time to what time, is just like a alcohol survey, that is why my real part time job is do about alcohol survey.

A friend said she feel herself like a water filter, her job is to filter the beers, so when i ask her to drink i will said: it is time to filter the beers. Some friends like to handle phone call when they are drunk, they will became midnight radio DJ & listen to people's pillow talk , n when she get bored of talking she will tell the listener because of the time matter I have to immediately end the program now, without saying good bye but du.. du.. du.. du.. (engaged tone).

I like to call my friends when i was drunk last time, but those were the days, maybe last time we were really very close to each other but now i dare not make this kind of drunk call on Sunday morning. I donno whether they will miss my midnight drunk call or not. but i have lost my interest to make this kind of call, maybe my energy isnt strong enough now, what I have to do now is drink more redbull, so that my friend still got hope on my calling.